Use the seven spiritual laws of success to collapse time and create the results you want.

In The H.E.R.O. Membership
You will get to:

Create habits that support your success

Shift your energy to collapse time and create faster results

Activate results that you really want

Have the oasis of freedom, flow and fun


How does it work?


We will be learning, practicing and mastering the laws of success during monthly meetings, private FB, and a membership portal

Your Project (Hero Journey)

You get to create your impact using your gifts


We will be creating a group project in a resource guide of stories using the laws of success


We are here to support you and creating accountability so that you get the results you want

We are your H.E.R.O. empowerment facilitators

We are both best-selling authors, transformational coaches, successful entrepreneurs, moms, and we love to see people succeed and create an impact for themselves, their families, and their community.

Bonnie Chan

Bonnie Chan

Rebecca Blust

Rebecca Blust

H.E.R.O. Monthly

$37 per month


H.E.R.O. Yearly

$370 per year (2 months free)